Jerseys, Blue Ridge Go Cross, Lil’ Musty and more.

First and foremost – Your jerseys have arrived !! They will ship tomorrow and then we can all be twinsies because my new skinsuits are in as well! If you ordered socks they are already on their way. Speaking of skinsuits… Jakroo has 2 new ones specifically for Cyclocross. One is your basic 3/4 sleeve, warm/cool weather suit – the hole shot – and the other is a long sleeve thermal – the hot lap. Both fit pretty great and I am excited to have them this year. ITS MY FIRST TIME HAVING A THERMAL SKINSUIT AND I TOTES CANT WAIT FOR FREEZING TEMPS! jk jk WHO SAYS THAT!?…. but at least I will be ready this year! If you missed out on the pre sale we ordered some extras. Head over to Laser Cats and Such for ordering.

Second ! I am only a couple weeks out from my first race. I will be starting my season at Blue Ridge Go Cross in Roanoke Virginia. Definitely won’t be freezing there. I’m guessing it’ll be a hot one. Come say hi! I will have some socks ($14) and jerseys ($130) with me.

Third – I have been dialing in my new race bike – lil’ Musty – and whoa she’s a beaut. I am very happy to be back on a Santa Cruz. I love these bikes and I am grateful to finally have 2 bikes that are similar for the race season. I will post more on Lil’ Musty later.

Last but not least – how many of you have been watching the XCO World Cups !? I need a mountain bike stat! The last couple weekends have been so good (especially the women’s races). If you haven’t been keeping up, Red Bull TV streams them for free and they are great to pep you up for your cyclocross intervals or your weekend dirt ride.

Until next time! – CW

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